Image by George Pagan III


"It is indeed a laudable step which will bring the dentist community in U.K. together for academic, social interaction and also provide a platform for a better interaction between British Dental Association and such other Academic Associations/Organizations.

I wish the endeavor, all the best and through this words I extent my good wishes to all the dentists in U.K."

by: Prof. A. P. Tikku

Dean - Faculty of Dental Sciences

"I am happy to learn that you intend setting up of Indian Dental Association, UK Branch. I wish to inform you that such practice is already prevalent in many countries especially in U.S. as they do have IDA New York, IDA California etc. "

by: Dr Mahesh Verma


"Its a great honour and a privilege to be asked to be a founder member of the IDA (UK). This allows us to connect with like minded fellow colleagues both here in the UK and India. Through these channels we can forge professional development and enhance patient care "

Dr Naresh Sharma

BChD, MGDS(RCSEng)FFGDP, MSurgDent (RCSEng) DipImpDent(RCSEng)